Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hooked on Thunderhill

I spent a Saturday in late November up at Thunderhill, driving at a Hooked on Driving event. I took driving lessons with Doug. His track ride is a Subaru STi, which has in common with my car...a Flat Four cyl boxer engine! That's where the similarity ends, but Doug was a great instructor. I was driving, so I didn't get any pictures of Legs, but I did take some other shots.

This slide show starts out with some garage pictures of a very, very serious bug. That's Patrick's track ride, a 1969 VW bug sporting a (co-incidence? perhaps...) Subaru 2.5L flat four. Not the turbo version in their WRX, but potent to 180hp nonetheless. Very quick. There's a lot of other track candy in these photos. Enjoy.

Video follows. This uses my in-car IO/Port racing mount, but the camera was my Canon IS-5. It has video recording but doesn't have very good image stabilization.:

My dad writes back and asks me where were my open-back driving gloves! His point, because he gave me those very gloves for Christmas last year. My apologies to him, they were in the map pocket in the footwell. I was so excited I forgot to put them on.

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