Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two Porsches and Pictures

This from a letter to a co-worker who asked about my cars and my trip to the 2012 Monterey Reunion:

I don’t yet have the pictures from my most recent Monterey weekend up on the web; I have an older digital camera and it is taking a lot of time to prepare the photos. But in the meantime  here are some pictures of my old car:

I also have the newer, 2005  Porsche 997 Carrera S Cabriolet.  That’s what I drive every day as the 356 is just too old for that kind of mileage.
Here are some pictures of both:

Here’s a little story I wrote to our club’s magazine editor:

In 2004 there was a Speedster (“Doc Hollywood”) show in Carmel at the Quail Lodge. I went and took some pictures in the evening.
The silver convertible behind the ropes with the license plate that begins “K45-“  is Porsche #1, the first Porsche (brand named) made, in 1948.
It’s only been to America twice. That time, and once in 1998, also to Monterey.

In 2001 I edited a book about 356 engines. Now out of print, I published an electronic version (PDF on CD-ROM).  I’m working with the copyright holder’s estate now to reproduce a version of the book for iBook and Kindle.

Now you know what I do when I’m not on the farm collecting eggs ;)