Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When it Runs, Drive It!

This in-car video was taken in the summer of 20006. I'm experimenting with rendering-down from DVD size to appropriate on-screen size. Have to admit that You Tube does a pretty good job of this automagically, but I have to provide the final-form SWF files to Adobe's Share Beta

You'll hear I miss a shift on the back stretch. The car in front of me on that second run is a '71 Jag XKE Coupe. Wicked fast, good driver. In 2007 he won the season's "Best of Show" award, presented by the hosts, PCA's Loma Prieta Region.

Just for fun. Where it all began

I should probably enter this post into my other blog, Turn Signals, as this is more up that alley, but because this is a 356 thing, I thought I'd put it here. And I'm also trying out embedding SWF files from Adobe's new Share Beta.

The video here is from Porsche, it is a clip from an 8mm film taken in about 1950. That Porsche is, indeed, Old Number 001. The other car would be an MGTC, the competition of the day.